In Children’s Ministries our objective is to provide a Biblical foundation through the teaching of God’s Holy Word and to support parents in fulfilling Biblical requirements concerning teaching their family Scripture and modeling holy conduct. Parents are to be the primary evangelists to the children (Eph 6:4). Our aim is to develop a solid understanding of Biblical Truth and to prepare the children to apply theological doctrines as they progress into Junior and Senior High Bible classes.

We exist to encourage and promote Christ-like living and behavior through teaching, encouragement, and example (Eph 2:10 & 4:12). We want our children to grow in the knowledge of the Lord and apply it to their lives (Rom 12:1-2). We want our church to be filled with little voices passionately discussing Scripture with their parents. Our ministry is threefold: Evangelizing Children, Encouraging Parents, and Edifying Servants for the Glory of God.

Generations of Grace is the chosen curriculum we are using to teach our children on Sunday afternoons. The children's classes are for ages 4-6 & 7-12.

Snapshot of Children's Ministry

Sunday @ 12 pm Nursery (available to young ones ages 3 and under)

Sunday @ 2:45 pm Children's Classes (ages 4-6, 7-12) 

Sunday @ 2:45 pm Nursery (available to young ones ages 3 and under)

Wednesday @ 6:30 pm Nursery (available to young ones ages 3 and under)